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Pachinko Placeholder Battle Game

Pachinko,Peggle and the world's worst Roguelike had a special needs baby!

What was originally intended to be some sort of pinball and rpg crossover, slowly evolved into a more pachinko meets roguelike type experience.

Though very much unfinished the game has a win and fail state and has the option of playing a daily seed.

I plan to continue working on it in the future but would like some feedback first. I hope you enjoy this alpha version.

Any feedback can be shouted at me on twitter - @Slushy_

All graphics are considered to be placeholders at this stage and were drawn by David E Gervais and downloaded from OpenGameArt

Music track is something I downloaded a long time ago from Free Music Archive , I'm trying to find a link.



Pachinko Battle Alpha 05.exe 4 MB

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